A day of jealousy

My previous post detailed how i was jealous of the students that will experience the ICT curriculum reform, but i've been thinking and my jealousy doesn't stop there, i'm jealous of what my children will be able to do.

There's no denying it, there's exciting times ahead, next generation gaming consoles, next generation processors, and computer sizes. We have Apple revolutionising the way we see computers, and new companies are powering in with their amazing products. But, 40 years down the line, what will we have?

I often find myself, talking amoung friends, discussing what i would want to, and what i think we'll be seeing in 'x' years, the conversations are always fun, but reach that final talking point. "if only..."

If only we could see what it will be like then, if only we could have everything now, if only we could just look 100 years ahead.
I guess that's why i love computers and why i decided to study it at University, instead of "If only..." being a stomach churning horrible feeling, i want to see if i can in any way contribute, or collaborate to create these tools, to create these computers, to advance our technology in any way shape or form, so that we don't need to live an extra 100 years.

A boy can dream, eh?


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