Neccesary Introductions,

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Luke Clifford. 

I'm currently a first year at Portsmouth University studying a passion of mine, Software Engineering.
I've grown up, submersing myself in the ever diversifying  world of computers. Not sure what i wanted to specify in, i spent a while trying a bit of everything i could get my hands on, from Programming, Software, Hardware and computer Architecture, (of course) Computer Game Programming, Web development. Spending years trying different languages and coding approaches, i realised a reoccurring theme that i seemed to enjoy. Getting behind the pretty user interface, and seeing how the beast really works. Reading and learning from code, trying and failing (a lot) at manipulating the code. I would find problems that my computer just couldn’t overcome, and i would find myself trying my hardest to code something that would make my life easier. That I guess, is why i chose to do Software Engineering. I am currently in my first year at Portsmouth University, and even though this stage of my education is still young, and i may be naive, but my aims, ambitions and end-goals are high and i intend to work hard to achieve them. 

I have, over the last few months, taken a large interest into the world of Evolutionary Computation, and also Bioinformatics. Reading what i can, and understanding what i can, i seem to have not only specified within Computer Science, but now i find myself specifying further within Software Engineering. a PhD would be a dream for me, the research seems exciting and getting involved in projects that can advance Artificial Intelligence, and the way in which we solve problems that would otherwise be unsolvable, is something i intend to be enthusiastic about throughout my education and further. 


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