'A Social Web'

Google+ results to be pushed to the top of our searches. 

Google+ is a fast growing Social Networking, and information sharing site that the search giant released not too long ago, but with other existing sites in place (Facebook, Twitter), and with google's previous un-succesful efforts to intercept the market, such as Google Wave. Many were left cautious, but it seems to be growing and blossoming; allowing users to not only interact as they may be used to with other Social Networks, but it incorporates the aresenal of useful Google Apps, that many (including myself) use on a daily basis. Meaning collaboration, and information sharing is what it should be. Simple and straight forward. 

But the problem still remains that many members, will stick with what they know, and may remain set upon their previous networking sites. Twitter for example is a site known for it's up to date news sources and insider information. Facebook is known for it's chat facilities and a place for Social Interaction. So how is Google meant to get into the market, and change the mind set of many. Well, Google has caused quite a fuss with almost 'banter' being given back by Twitter. They did this by incorporating both personal and general Google+ Profiles and posts into their Google.com search results. Pushing such results to the front page. 

Twitter and its staff have released comments, expressing that they feel this selective treatment is unfair, and because they are known for their up to date news tweets, they feel that such important information may now be harder to get to than it was before. 

But honestly, why would google not choose to push their own networking site to the top? Not doing so would not only be counter productive to them, and their goals, but in the whole scheme of things, it would be counter productive to the web as a whole. The WWW is a place for information sharing and as W3C state a place for building trust on a global scale. 

The web is changing, it is no longer just a place of inter-connecting hyper links, leading from static page to static page. The users of the web have more power now to shape the world's views than ever before; it is a place of communities, groups, and social masses coming together to colaborate on every field of intelligence and as stated before, with google's arsenal of apps it is becoming easier to do so. 

Personally, put in the position of Google, i would have made the exact same decision, they know and understand that they finally have a great product that can disrupt and even change the way we use Social Networking Sites and the web as a whole, and they are proud of it, they are pushing it forward so the members of all networks can see that they have something to offer.

Google+ is fantastic, and it's still young. I am exciting for the growth of this networking site. And intend to stick around for the ride. I advise you do to, after all. The World Wide Web as we know it, is changing. It's becoming less orientated around the few preaching to the many, but now about an equal playing field, where every individual person's say is important and vital.


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