Sopa is shelved,

I think the voice of the Internet was heard, and I feel that all those that did their part to support the cause should be feeling happy, the weaker of the two bills that were written so vaguely, and the one that debatably caused the most commotion has now finally been scrapped. (at least for now) Lamar Smith - Chief Sponsor of the SOPA bill has said that there needs to be heavily reviewed until a more accepted resolution could be agreed upon.

When you look at the facts and figures that show the loss of money and jobs for thousands, online piracy is a huge problem, but as i said before, attacking it, like was detailed within SOPA, was the completely wrong approach, and I feel if those who dictate the bills have learnt anything from what has happened over the last few days, then I feel it has been a success, but with troubling times still ahead.


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