new developments.

I have a bit of trouble you see? I'm far to much of a lurker these days and take very little time to get myself out there on the Internet; but i was checking some things on and decided to purchase the domain: and why not? I spent a few hours bashing together a little site of my own. (by all means, take a look)

It got me thinking, I have so many ideas in my head, and so many plans for the future. Things I want to achieve and things that I want to do. Yet I don't find myself doing anything now. I find it so easy to sit and read, learn about a language but I can never just find a project to apply it to.

If you can't see where this is going, this is in a way my own personal promise to myself to start developing more, programming more and not lurking like I'm so in the routine of doing.
I want to make some web apps, and I want to write more about the things that interest me. Artificial Intelligenmce, Evolutionary Computation, Bioinformatics, Physics & Astronomy.

If you keep checking here, and on my website, I'll hopefully have filled my little site out with more things in my portfolio.

That's the aim anyway.
Wish me luck.


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